Poster design

Speelplaats 2018

Template for the posters announcing the activities of Speelplaats; a program of open-ended events, run by and for the participants of the Werkplaats Typografie.

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Speelplaats is a parallel program held within Werkplaats Typografie, defined as ‘a kind of school within a school’ run by and for the participants, where everyone invited is asked to contribute according to an annual topic. Considered as a testing ground for introducing and exchanging ideas with uncertain outcomes, sporadic open-ended sessions are proposed, organised and realised by individuals and ad-hoc groups.

The activities of the 2018 edition of Speelplaats were announced with a poster specially designed by the initiator(s) of each event. To present all sessions under one umbrella, we (Adriaan Van Leuven and Oliver Boulton) developed a template for them, a recognisable graphic element that would unify the series.
The shape we came up with assembles the letters SP, forming a frame or a base for the composition, something for the designer to react to. Its size and position remained fixed, but it could be filled in any way. The format is A2, which allowed us to print the posters directly at the studio on our special A2 risograph printer.

Technical information

  • Year: 2018
  • Format: 42 × 59,4 cm

Realised in collaboration with Oliver Boulton