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Octopus of Offshoots

‘How do you find your own voice?’ This book proposes reflections on the fundamentals of creative processes.

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This book is the outcome of a collaborative research project held a the Werkplaats Typografie, titled ‘Speelplaats’. Speelplaats can be described as a series of workshops, organised by and for its participants. It is considered as a testing ground for introducing ideas with uncertain outcomes, centred around a yearly topic of research.

We (Oliver Boulton and Adriaan Van Leuven) were the custodians of the 2018 edition of Speelplaats. Together we proposed the participants to work by imitation, as a method of production or as a topic for thinking. It was a mean to reflect on our position in the world as designers, in regards to our surroundings, our times, our contemporaries, our idols, … a stimulation to embrace our references and the things we admire; an open question addressed to each contributor: how do you find your own voice?

This reader assembles various texts that supported our research with special contributions from the participants and documentation of the Speelplaats sessions. To present this material as a single train of thought while preserving the diversity of the voices resonating through it, we organised the content in 4 categories: images, poems, essays and short non-fiction. Each category received a different design, based on a flexible layout grid. The bold page numbers function as an anchor point, a stable and recognisable element that maintains a unity between the various contributions.

Technical information

  • Publication date: 2019
  • Format: 13,5 × 21 cm
  • Paper: uncoated high volume
  • Pages: 240
  • Binding: cold glued paperback
  • Publisher: Werkplaats Typografie / ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem

Edited and designed in collaboration with Oliver Boulton