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Markus Draper: Inge zu Fuß zur Arbeit

Exhibition catalogue for Markus Draper’s solo exhibition at the Kulturhistorisches Museum Görlitz.

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In his exhibition, Markus Draper describes the feeling of complete stagnation that dominated the last decade of the GDR by setting up four scenes as different aspects of daily life at the time. Taking place in the circular exhibition space of the Görlitz museum, the narrative becomes a loop, a routine guided by the diaries of his father.

The circular narrative of the exhibition is reproduced in the catalogue by ‘revolving’ the order of the pages: page 1 is found in the middle of the book, which ends on page 52 but opens on page 53.

‘Inge zu Fuß zur Arbteit’ editorial structure diagram

Technical information

  • Publication date: 2016
  • Format: 20 × 26 cm
  • Pages: 132
  • Paper: tinted (endpapers, cover), high-volume uncoated (main), coated mat (paintings), coated gloss (exhibition views)
  • Binding: Otabind
  • Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig