Book design

Kai Schiemenz: Arbeiten/Works

Monograph published at the occasion of Kai Schiemenz’ solo exhibition at the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Germany.

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Two major bodies of work can be distinguished in Kai Schiemenz’ oeuvre: architectural installations on the one hand and sculptures on the other. They essentially differ from each other in that architectures can be walked into, while sculptures are hermetic. The use of glass seems to reinforce the impenetrable aspect of the sculptural works as the material lets you glare through its surface without letting you physically through.

This tension between one medium encompassing the viewer and another impenetrable but fully graspable is the starting point for the design of this publication. Images documenting architectural installations are arranged on the full offset print sheet, before being fold and cut into the 16-pages signatures constituting the book. The composition is therefore larger than the format of the book. Like the visitor of a building who has to be in movement in order to get an idea of the entire architecture, the layout of this book reveals itself fragmentarily to the reader, by flipping the pages. The sculptural works are on the contrary contained in the middle of the page, surrounded by wide margins, immediately graspable in their entirety.
The scattered composition resulting from this proces meets the shapes of the glass work and the fragmented reflections produced by their multifaceted surface.

To keep in line with thoughts on surfaces, tactility, objects and environments, the book itself is wrapped in a large double-folded dust jacket. It features a spray-painted composition based on a series of drawings by the artist.

‘Kai Schiemenz: Arbeiten/Works’ editorial conception diagram

Technical information

  • Publication date: 2016
  • Format: 22,8 × 31 cm
  • Pages: 136
  • Paper: Uncoated recycled (texts), uncoated standard (sculptures), uncoated extra-thin (drawings)
  • Binding: sewn soft cover, dust jacket folded in the American style
  • Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig

Designed in collaboration with Markus Dreßen