Book design

Chantal van Rijt: Analemma

A filmic publication assembling photographs of sun-projections by artist Chantal van Rijt.

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Wishing to capture the sun while facing the impossibility of doing so with a standard camera, Chantal van Rijt used the basics of photography and of the eye itself: light falling through a lens, causing a projection. Multiple layers are brought together in the images: the shadow of the lens, the process, the maker and its surroundings. The sun makes this all visible, but itself appears only as a white spot of burned out pixels.

Van Rijt’s photographs are arranged in the book according to the position of the sun in the picture frame. The sun always remains in the middle of the page and so determines the place of each image.

A subtle touch: the paper chosen for this project is one of whitest available on the market. The sheets are however printed with a light beige tone covering the entire surface of the paper; except for the sun in the middle of the page which remains completely blank, seemingly whiter than the paper.

‘Analemma’ editorial conception diagram

Technical information

  • Publication date: 2017
  • Format: 20 × 27 cm
  • Pages: 48
  • Paper: uncoated extra white
  • Binding: sewn soft cover
  • Publisher: self-published